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Painted Ladies

Lynn Bushell

Painted Ladies by Lynn Bushell

Paris 1917. For twenty-five years, the legendary Marthe has been Pierre Bonnard’s companion and muse. His new model Renée, lovely and captivating, thinks it’s time her rival stepped aside. But Marthe won’t give up her place in history without a fight. An artist may have many models but there can be only one muse.

RRP: £7.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781912240487
Publication Date: 05/02/2019
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Lynn Bushell
Lynn studied Art History and Philosophy at Edinburgh University and Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art. After graduating she worked as a journalist to support her work as an...


‘Superbly evocative of Paris circa 1917 and the author’s own sensibility as an artist is reflected in her use of language. I’m very interested in art and novels about art, and I absolutely loved this book.’

Isabel Costello

‘Fascinating and tragic, Painted Ladies brilliantly depicts the dynamic between painter and model, power and vulnerability. Renée’s voice, with echoes of Jean Rhys’s heroines, resonates long.’

Alba Arikha

‘A beautifully written and compelling story of beauty, art and rivalry.’

Beezy Marsh

‘With its tight focus on character, this is a potent reminder that circumstances and technologies evolve, but how we feel when we fall in love or cope with loss endures over successive generations.’

Lee Randall

‘A fascinating insight into the lives of those immortalised in the paintings we see in galleries... will be enjoyed by anyone who has ever wanted to delve further into their worlds.’

The Wee Review