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Out There

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Chris Townsend

Out There by Chris Townsend


‘Those who decry peak bagging as mere list ticking fail to understand the commitment challenge and pleasure involved. Collecting summits means collecting experiences.’

Drawing from more than forty years of experience as an outdoorsman, and probably the world’s best known long distance walker who also writes, Chris Townsend describes the landscapes and wildlife, the walkers and climbers, and the authors who have influenced him in this lucid and beautiful book. Writing from his home in the heart of the Cairngorms he discusses the wild, its importance to civilisation and how we cannot do without it.

RRP: £8.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910124727
Publication Date: 17/03/2016
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Chris Townsend
SHORTLISTED FOR TGO OUTDOOR PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR 2015Chris Townsend writes regularly for TGO Magazine and has written 22 books on the outdoors, including the award winning The Backpacker's Handbook...


‘I was struck then by his thoughtfulness and clear-sightedness – as if all his opinions had been slowly, patiently reasoned out during endless hours of quiet contemplation while alone on the trail – and these same qualities are evident throughout this compendium of his best writing...’

Roger Cox, The Scotsman

‘Townsend has achieved his aim of inspiring others with this book and if you don’t feel like going on a walk – no matter how long or short – after reading it, you never will.’

The Scots Magazine

‘...what shines through this highly readable anthology is the author’s passionate plea for the protection of our wild country.’

Outdoor Focus

‘This is what Chris’ books do. They shake you out of lethargy and install in you that love of the natural world that keeps us all going.’

Andy Howell, Outdoors Blog

‘In the Scottish outdoor world names occasionally shine like the stars and very quickly fade into the night. Chris Townsend has remained a shining light for well over 35 years, a passionate and inspiring advocate for the wild corners of our land, an enthusiast who literally walks the walk. ’

Cameron McNeish

‘I first met Chris Townsend about thirty years ago cross country ski-ing in the Cairngorms. He is someone who practices what he preaches. Since his becoming a JMT Trustee I have much appreciated his insights and knowledge and he is great voice for our cause.’

Peter Pearson, Chair of the John Muir Trust

‘Chris Townsend is the all-around world champion hiking memoirist, guide, photographer, blogger, and techie. ’

Ron Strickland, founder of the Pacific Northwest Trail

‘Out There is not just a wonderfully written celebration of backpacking and mountaineering. It’s also a call to arms – a warning that nobody but us will step in to save the wild places we love, and that we all have a responsibility to protect and nurture the environment.’

Alex Roddie

‘Those making the decisions about what happens to wild land would do well to listen to people like Townsend who really understand wild places not for what they are, but for what they can offer.’

Active Outdoors

‘Ranging from the Pacific Crest Trail to the Sierras to the peaks of Britain, Out There is as a collection of essays from the many walks of his own life. Brought together, they read as a singular celebration of wild spaces.’

Geographical Magazine

‘"Chris is a compelling and engaging author .... too many delights in its pages to describe in a brief review, I suggest you read and enjoy it".’

Beryl Leatherland, Wild Land News

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