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Out of Mind

Joe French

Out of Mind by Joe French

In 2014, climber and documentary maker Joe French was about to fulfil a dream of a lifetime – to climb Everest and film it. Then tragedy struck and sixteen Sherpa were killed in the Icefall. Joe returned in 2015 and narrowly survived the earthquake avalanche that killed twenty-two people at Base Camp and around 9,000 across Nepal. Between those two disasters, Joe’s wife Julie was diagnosed with cancer.

The accumulation of trauma took its toll: suffering from post-traumatic stress, Joe was haunted by the horrors he’d witnessed. In an attempt to find a resolution, he turned to his love of the outdoors. Running barefoot through the forests and glens around his house in Scotland, Joe discovered the means to find a return to health and peace of mind.

RRP: £19.99
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781914518324
Publication Date: 28/09/2023
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Joe French
Born in 1978, Joe French grew up in Sheffield. A decade of worldwide travel followed, which led him to the Highlands of Scotland, where he now lives. Joe taught himself...


‘Thrilling and utterly honest. This book transports its reader to the audacity, bravery and tragedy of climbing in the theatre of Everest.’

Jay Griffiths, author of Tristimania

‘Disastrously, unputdownably readable.’

Charles Foster, author of Cry of the Wild

‘This book took me to the dark edge of fear... An utterly compelling read.’

Brian Hall, author of High Risk

‘A deeply personal and insightful account of a traumatic experience that offers a raw and vulnerable perspective on the human psyche. Powerful and moving.’

Jen Peedom, Director, Sherpa

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