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On The Atlantic Edge by Kenneth White

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781905207084
Publication Date: 12/06/2006

On The Atlantic Edge

Kenneth White

On The Atlantic Edge is a self-contained series of lectures delivered to the Edinburgh International Book Festival and as the first Hi-Arts International Fellow in the Highlands of Scotland. The book consists of four lectures given by Kenneth White who sees Scotland as a nation making a distinctive cultural contribution to world culture, a theme he explores in the first of the lectures. This theme is broadened out in the remaining three lectures where White introduces and explores broader and more fundamental geo-concepts such as the 'Atlantic Arc' and the 'High North'.

Kenneth White

Kenneth White portrait

Kenneth White is one of the most daring of Europe's writers, thinkers and teachers. Born in the Gorbals area of Glasgow, he spent his childhood and adolescence near Largs on...

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‘The book's title is a reference to the idea of the 'Atlantic Arc', a recognition by twenty-three European nations that they 'shared a common space', a 'space for projects'. This notion is fundamental to White's ideas. For White, geography is more than maps (and maps are often more than drawings); it includes the geology of Hutton; the way the drift of tectonic plates ultimately reminds us of our connections with other cultures. White prefers to speak about territories as these imply a relationship to the 'great outside', a new type of politics, and a renewed conception of culture.’
-Stuart B Campbell, Northwords Now