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Negative Capability

A Diary of Surviving

Michèle Roberts

Negative Capability by Michèle Roberts

Yesterday ended in disaster.

Very late at night, I decided to write down everything that had happened; the only way I could think of coping.

Following a series of devastating rejections, Michèle Roberts began keeping an account of her life in the hope it might help mend her shattered sense of self. In this intimate and wryly honest journal she reflects on cities and countryside, loss and love, food, friendships, sisterhood, pleasure and memories, her abiding relationship with France and with literature. Over the course of a year a new pattern of being develops, until, finally, she finds a better relationship between inner and outer worlds.

RRP: £8.99
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781913207519
Publication Date: 20/08/2020
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Michèle Roberts
Michèle Roberts is the author of fourteen critically acclaimed novels, including Daughters of the House, which won the WHSmith Literary Award and was shortlisted for the Booker Prize, and, most...


‘A wonderful writer: one in possession of immense feeling.’

Rachel Cooke, The Observer

‘How truly she is a writer shows in her lush sensuous prose, as moment-by-moment pleasure triumphs over fear of the future.’

Hilary Mantel, The Guardian

‘Raw and glittering... Superb.’

Christina Patterson, The Sunday Times

‘Michele Roberts is a writer who has always excelled at embodying the joy of female intellectual and earthly appetites.’

Deborah Levy

‘Brave, naked, defiant and exquisitely written.’

Julie Myerson, The Spectator

‘Funny, wise and all-embracing’

Carmen Callil

‘Roberts writes with wit and honesty.’

The Independent

‘Michèle Roberts has always been a terrific, complex writer with a natural tone, a tone of her own, and Negative Capability is among the best of her books.’

Andrew O’Hagan

‘Roberts’ intimate, candid writing is underpinned by a dry humour, wry observations, and a poignant strain of melancholy perfect for our time.’


‘A magnificent writer.’

Helen Dunmore, The Guardian

‘Bold, serious and life-enhancing.’