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Murder at the Music Factory

The Health of Strangers, #4

Lesley Kelly

Murder at the Music Factory by Lesley Kelly

The body of Paul Shore toppled onto him, a stream of blood pooling around them on the concrete. Bernard lay back and waited to see if he too was going to die.

An undercover agent gone rogue is threatening to shoot a civil servant a day. As panic reigns, the Health Enforcement Team race against time to track him down – before someone turns the gun on them.

RRP: £7.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781912240937
Publication Date: 23/04/2020

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Lesley Kelly
Lesley Kelly has worked in the public and voluntary sectors for the past twenty years, dabbling in poetry and stand-up comedy along the way. She has won a number of...


‘Really entertaining mystery series set in an alternative Edinburgh where a virus is rampant. Investigative team of quirky outsiders means it stands comparison with Mick Herron/Slough House.’

Ian Rankin

‘I loved the development of the characters, and the perfectly timed humour made me laugh out more than once. The book also kept me hooked, and guessing all the way, with its race against the clock plot.’

Jackie McLean

‘Witty and engaging.’

Dr. Katrina Farrell

‘A thrilling read.’

Liam Rudden, The Edinburgh Evening News


The Quiet Knitter

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