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Mistress and Commander

High jinks, high seas and Highlanders

Amelia Dalton

Mistress and Commander by Amelia Dalton

Weary of her Yorkshire county life of grouse moors and hunt balls, Amelia Dalton threw herself instead into converting a deep sea trawler into a holiday cruiser. Unprepared by her background, she had to deal with the closed community of fishermen in NE Scotland in the ‘90s, negotiate red tape, oversee shipyards and deal with engineers, while coping with demanding shareholders and wayward employees. What began as a love affair with the romance of the sea became a battle to stay afloat – financially and literally. This is a lively account of an adventure like no other – and a voyage of self-discovery.

RRP: £8.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910985175
Publication Date: 18/05/2017
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Amelia Dalton
For ten years, Amelia Dalton owned a small ship running cruises to the remote island chains of Scotland’s stunning West Coast. She worked closely with The National Trust for Scotland...


‘Mistress and Commander is exuberant, heart-warming and inspiring, a captivating read.’

Lee Durrell, Honorary Director, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

‘Stories of adventure shared with fond memory, many a laugh, a few tears, and an occasional shudder.’

The Bookbag

‘A lively account her adventurous voyage of self-discovery that has the same drama of the Year in Provence books with the light hearted humour of James Herriot.’

The Howorths