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Making Space

Sarah Tierney

Making Space by Sarah Tierney

Why do we hold onto things we don’t need?

Miriam is twenty-nine: temping, living with a flatmate who is no longer a friend, and still trying to find her place in life. She falls in love with Erik after he employs her to clear out his paper-packed home. They are worlds apart: he is forty-five, a successful photographer and artist and an obsessive hoarder still haunted by the end of his marriage. Miriam has an unsuccessful love life and has just got rid of most of her belongings. Somehow, they must find a way to reach each other.

RRP: £8.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910985441
Publication Date: 20/04/2017
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Sarah Tierney
Sarah Tierney is a graduate of the MA in Novel Writing at Manchester University, and her short story, ‘Five Miles Out’, was made into a short film by the acclaimed...


‘A beautifully assured debut that is part love story, part psychological slow-burner. A clever and graceful tale that weaves its way through the cracks of our everyday perceptions to skilfully explore complex issues around illness, grief and longing. Tierney's characters sing with a dark, sharp, tender realness. Combining exquisite descriptions with scalpel-sharp human insights, this is a book to languish in, and emerge from deeply moved. It marks the arrival of an elegant and thrilling new voice in literary fiction.’

Emma Jane Unsworth

‘It’s a brilliant debut, compelling, darkly funny, exquisitely written, and tenderly candid about the realities of being a single woman in her late twenties living in a big city.’

Nicola Mostyn

‘If, for example, you’re expecting this to be a conventional romance - boy meets girl and rescues her from her dreary man-less existence - you’d be very wrong. While Miriam may initially feel she needs a love life, she quickly realises self worth should be reliant on nobody - nor thing - but herself.’

Manchester Confidential

‘There’s a nice ambiguousness, or ambivalence, here: hope edged with realism.’

Book Munch

‘This is a simply riveting and unfailingly entertaining read that showcases her genuine flair for a narrative driven fiction populated by deftly crafted and memorable characters. "Making Space" will prove to be an enduringly popular and appreciated addition to personal reading lists and community library Contemporary General Fiction collections.’

Midwest Book Review