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Love, Revenge and Buttered Scones

Bobbie Darbyshire

Love, Revenge and Buttered Scones by Bobbie Darbyshire

We’ve all done it - gone haring off after one thing and found entirely another - but surely not as disastrously as Henry. Antagonistic London brothers, Henry and Peter, each rush to Inverness after receiving mysterious letters. Henry hopes for love. Peter is on the trail of genius Gaelic bard Calum Calum, believed by the world to be dead. Troubled Elena is also drawn to the Highlands, seeking revenge on el malo, the evil one, the Scottish gunrunner who betrayed her family during the Spanish Civil War. Their three destinies are entwined, and each has a difficult truth to face in this hilarious comedy of errors.

RRP: £2.99
Format: E-book
ISBN: 9781905207374
Publication Date: 15/02/2010

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Bobbie Darbyshire
Bobbie Darbyshire’s two other novels, Truth Games (2009), about infidelity in 1970s London, and Oz (2014), about family secrets, have been published by Cinnamon Press. Bobbie won the 2008 fiction...


‘What can happen when a truth you held close to your heart turns out to be less true than you supposed. A fast, fun read, but not a superficial one.’

David Hebblethwaite, Follow the Thread