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Jane and Dorothy

A True Tale of Sense and Sensibilty

Marian Veevers

Jane and Dorothy by Marian Veevers

Jane Austen and Dorothy Wordsworth were born just four years apart, in the 1770s, in a world torn between heady revolutionary ideas and fierce conservatism, and both were influenced by the Romantic ideals of Dorothy’s brother, William Wordsworth, and his friends. Jane and Dorothy compares their upbringing and education, home lives and loves and, above all, their emotional and creative worlds. Original insights include a new discovery of serious depression suffered by Dorothy Wordsworth, a new and crucial discovery about Dorothy and William’s relationship, and a critical look at the myths surrounding the man who stole Jane’s heart. This is the first time these two lives have been examined together.

RRP: £17.99
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781910985779
Publication Date: 08/06/2017
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Marian Veevers
Marian Veevers lives in the Lake District, just five miles from Grasmere, and works for The Wordsworth Trust. As ANNA DEAN she is the author of the Dido Kent series...


‘'An unusual but interesting account.'’

John Van der Kiste, The Bookbag

‘'Veevers’s writing flows effortlessly and sustains interest by moving back and forth between the two women. Most commendable is the way she depicts the insecure and sometimes demeaning reality of their lives—leaving readers to question what more these individuals might have produced in a society less weighted against them.'’

Publishers Weekly

‘'a fresh and richly credible Jane and Dorothy whose complicated characters and situations run parallel yet never meet.'’

Sensibilities Journal, Jane Austen Society of Australia

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