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It's a Hill, Get Over It

Fell Running's History and Characters

Steve Chilton

It's a Hill, Get Over It by Steve Chilton

This book offers a detailed history of the sport of fell running. It also tells the stories of some of the great exponents of the sport through the ages. Many of them achieved greatness whilst still working full time in traditional jobs, a million miles away from the professionalism of other branches of athletics nowadays. The book covers the early days of the sport, right through to it going global with World Championships. Along the way it profiles influential athletes such as Fred Reeves, Bill Teasdale, Kenny Stuart, Joss Naylor, and Billy and Gavin Bland. It gives background to the athletes including their upbringing, introduction to the sport, training, working life, records and achievements. It also includes in-depth conversations with some of the greats, such as Jeff Norman and Rob Jebb.

Winner of the Bill Rollinson Prize for Landscape and Tradition at the Lakeland Book Awards 2014.

RRP: £11.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910124178
Publication Date: 18/09/2014
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Steve Chilton
Steve Chilton is a committed runner and qualified athletics coach with considerable experience of fell running and a marathon personal best of 2-34-53. He is a long-time member of the...


‘A mix of history and personal stories makes for an informative and inspiring read for those with a love of this unique and wonderful British sport. One which will spur you to get back out there.’

Sarah Rowell, former British and English fell running champion

‘Many of these athletes would have been household names if they had chosen a more mainstream sport to compete in, but their love for the hills and wild places of the world drove them to be competitive away from the glare of publicity.’

Active Outdoors

‘It's a Hill, Get Over It is a good read. Chilton clearly loves his subject and misses it now he can longer do it as he used to in his younger years. Writing the book really must have helped him to reconnect with the sport. I learned much from reading it and I think it s a book that many fell runners will really enjoy. Hopefully it will also inspire others who do not yet consider themselves a fell runner to venture out up a hill or two. From a detailed history point of view I think it more than deserves to be up there on the shelf with those that Chilton desires to be amongst. ’

Heather Dawe, Outdoor Times

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Steve Chilton wins the Bill Rollinson Prize for Landscape and Tradition at the Lakeland Book Awards

The Lakeland Book of the Year Awards for 2014 took place at an awards luncheon, held within a marquee at the Inn on the Lake, on Tuesday July 15th. The...