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Greenpeace Captain by Peter Willcox

RRP: £9.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910985526
Publication Date: 09/01/2017
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Greenpeace Captain
Bizarre Wanderings on the Rainbow Warrior

Peter Willcox

In over 30 years as a senior captain for Greenpeace International, Peter Willcox has been in the vanguard of the international environmentalist movement. He has led crews into battle for the good of the planet against whale killers, nuclear testing sites and deep sea drillers. The recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from The Guardian, Peter has confronted naval warships, including diving in front of a moving destroyer; faced a bombing attack of the iconic ‘Rainbow Warrior’, resulting in the murder of a shipmate; and endured imprisonment for peacefully protesting Russian oil drilling in Antarctica along with his crew. This is his story.

Peter Willcox

Peter Willcox portrait

Peter Willcox has been a Captain with Greenpeace for over 30 years, making him the most experienced captain in the organization. An activist for nearly his entire life, beginning by marching in...

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‘Peter Willcox is a hero of our times. He has been at the frontline of non-violent direct action for four decades, and put his body on the line to defend our planet. Our fragile environment needs more people like him.’
-Caroline Lucas, MP, co-leader of the Green Party

‘It’s no accident that the world is taking action to save the whales and rainforests, tackle climate change and toxic pollution; it’s because people such as Peter Willcox are making it happen. A great read. ’
-Tony Juniper, environmentalist and author of What’s Really Happening to our Planet

‘There is warmth and excitement in Peter Willcox's thrilling account of his adventures as Greenpeace Captain. His book brought back memories not only of voyages shared, but also of Peter as a brave exemplar.’
-Grace O'Sullivan, Irish environmentalist and Green Party Senator