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Volker Kutscher

Goldstein by Volker Kutscher

Berlin,1931. A power struggle is taking place in Berlin’s underworld. The American gangster Abraham Goldstein is in residence at the Hotel Excelsior. As a favour to the FBI, the police put him under surveillance with Detective Gereon Rath on the job. As Rath grows bored and takes on a private case for his seedy pal Johann Marlow, he soon finds himself in the middle of a Berlin street war.

Meanwhile Rath’s on-off girlfriend, Charly, lets a young woman she is interrogating escape, and soon her investigations cross Rath’s from the other side. Berlin is a divided city where two worlds are about to collide: the world of the American gangster and the expanding world of Nazism.

RRP: £8.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781912240128
Publication Date: 17/05/2018

Formats Available:
Audio Book

Volker Kutscher
Volker Kutscher was born in 1962. He studied German, Philosophy and History, and worked as a newspaper editor prior to writing his first detective novel. Babylon Berlin, the start of...


‘Tough, gritty and altogether superb, Goldstein is a worthy addition to the addictive Gereon Rath series.’

William Ryan, author of The Constant Soldier

‘Horrible history indeed, but this is a fascinating novel.’

Literary Review

‘Wonderfully atmospheric...’

The Sunday Times

‘Splendid and chilling... This is as good as Philip Kerr’s Bernie Gunther series.’

Crime Time

‘Goldstein is maybe the best of the series so far ... like the bastard love child of Christopher Isherwood and Raymond Chandler’


‘Even better than the first two... a strong storyline, set against an increasing buildup in 1930s Berlin between Nazi and communist factions.’

The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland

‘Volker Kutscher’s books following Detective Inspector Gereon Rath through Berlin are gripping thrillers set against a wonderfully evoked background of Germany in the dying days of the Weimar Republic.’

The New European

‘Noir of exceptional quality… Truly entertaining and deliciously dark novel. Full marks to Sandstone Press for recognising the quality of the German original and getting the novels translated’


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