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Daibhidh Eyre

Glainne by Daibhidh Eyre

Tha teagasg ceimigeachd san àrd-sgoil a’ còrdadh ri Sarah Chaimbeul, ach tha tubaist san deuchainn-lann a’ toirt oirre cuimhneachadh air rudeigin uabhasach a dh’èirich dhi san oilthigh, rud a leig i air dìochuimhne. Tha an dàimh eadar i fhèin agus a cèile Tearlach air tuiteam às a chèile agus chan eil fhios aice an urrainn dhi earbsa a chur sna bana-charaidean aice, no na cuimhne fhèin.

An accident in the school chemistry lab uncovers a hidden memory that shatters Sarah Campbell’s confidence. As if it isn’t bad enough that her relationship with her boyfriend has broken down, she doesn’t know which of her friends she can trust with news of this terrible event, or even if her own memories are reliable. Suddenly she is no longer the person she thought she was, and she doesn’t know if she’ll ever find the strength to face up to her past and get her life back on track.

David Eyre explores the fragile nature of self-confidence and in this touching story about a young woman’s attempts to understand her past, her present and her own character.

RRP: £7.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910124420
Publication Date: 23/01/2015
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Daibhidh Eyre
David Eyre was born in North Lanarkshire in 1972. He started learning Gaelic at Edinburgh University. Having spent most of his life working as a journalist and living in the...