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Dracula Park

Translated by Imogen Taylor

Dana Grigorcea

Dracula Park by Dana Grigorcea

Winner of the Swiss Book Prize
Nominated for the German Book Prize

In post-Communist Romania, on the border with Transylvania, the sleepy town of B. is losing its young people to the West.

A young artist, trained in Paris and visiting every summer, loves the landscape and simple life but doesn’t want to acknowledge the pervading air of desperation.

When a mutilated corpse is discovered in the family crypt of Prince Vlad the Impaler, known as Dracula, the mayor plans a vampire-themed amusement park. But this will be the kiss of death for the place and its people.

A breath-taking, atmospheric tale of revenge, extremism and the longing for a strong, cruel leader buried deep in the human consciousness.

RRP: £12.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781914518218
Publication Date: 17/08/2023

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Dana Grigorcea
Dana Grigorcea, born in 1979 in Bucharest, studied German and Dutch literature in Bucharest and theatre and film directing as well as quality journalism in Krems, Austria. She worked as...


‘An incredible writer.’

Milo Rau, Swiss TV Literature Club

‘A dreamy and rock-hard horror story.’

Frankfurter Rundschau

‘An artistic Dracula story, an artist novel, a farce, and it’s all told with great eloquence.’


‘As dizzying as it is poetic and entertaining.’

Die Presse