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Daunderlust by Peter Ross

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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781908737762
Publication Date: 17/04/2014
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Dispatches from Unreported Scotland

Peter Ross

Peter Ross's weekly articles from around Scotland have been a sterling attraction for the readers of Scotland on Sunday for years. A selection of the best are collected here, for the first time. Each a gem of insight and wit, they provide a piece-by-piece portrait of a nation as it changes. Always with his eye on the individual, Peter Ross presents some of the less well known aspects of the country, including the latex-clad patrons of a fetish club, as well as a new look at some of the more familiar, such as the painters of the Forth Rail Bridge. The Scots in these pages come over as eccentric, humorous, moving and extraordinary.

Peter Ross

Peter Ross portrait

Peter Ross is a six-time winner at the Scottish Press Awards and was a shortlisted nominee for the Orwell Prize in 2015. He has written for titles including The Guardian, The Times, Sunday Times,...

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‘His stories are always a joy.’
-Ian Rankin

‘ The impression left by Daunderlust is of a nation teeming with vibrancy, character and individuality. And a man with endless curiosity and a great eye for a story.’
-Alastair Mabbott, The Herald

‘Daunderlust has given us a beautiful time capsule of the Scotland of the last few years. In future when people want to understand what we were really like at this historic point, they won't have to read a diet of political books about what happens to the Barnett formula and the national debt. They should read this.’
-Gerry Hassan, Scottish Review

‘Daunderlust is full of heart, delving into the farthest reaches of society and eking out what it means to be human in the process.’
-Doug Johnstone, Big Issue

‘Ross’s journalism is big-hearted but not big-headed...the best pieces have a range beyond anything in current Scottish journalism, from a piece about accompanying extreme cleaners into a flat where someone has died and where the sink is mysteriously full of blood to a lovely piece about Arthur's Seat from dawn to dusk on a hot day, when it became the perfect expression of that rare phenomenon - Scottish happiness.’
-David Robinson, The Scotsman

‘There are many great Scottish writers, but few better writers of Scotland.’
-Etihad Airways in-flight magazine

‘Read it and weep tears of sadness, joy and laughter.’
-Scottish Field

‘Peter Ross has a fabulous knack of getting people to tell their tales ... If Jon Ronson lived and worked in Scotland, this is the sort of book he would write, and Ross shares Ronson's incisive eye, lightness of touch and a turn of phrase to die for.’
-Scots Whay Hae!

‘A book of extraordinary depth and consistent quality ... a gently inspiring testament to the truth.’
-Hugh MacDonald, Scottish Review of Books

‘This is a book for the Scottish diaspora, as a refresher course, and a delirious wallow in nostalgia for the bits you do recognise.’
-Vulpes Libris

‘Read Daunderlust by @PeterAlanRoss if you are at all interested in Scotland - the people and the place. Journalism at its best.’
-Val McDermid on twitter

‘A delightful romp around the hinterlands of Scotland's society, at once deeply insightful and empathetic...’
-Doug Johnstone, The Big Issue