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Cairngorm John: 10th Anniversary Edition

A Life in Mountain Rescue

John Allen

Cairngorm John: 10th Anniversary Edition by John Allen

The Cairngorm mountains in Scotland are a magnet for climbers and walkers. John Allen spent more than thirty years in the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team saving the lost and injured. This special anniversary edition of his story includes additional photographs and new chapters discussing how mountain rescue has developed over the last decade.

RRP: £11.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781912240647
Publication Date: 26/09/2019
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John Allen
For over thirty years John Allen was an active member of the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team and for most of them acted as Team Leader. In Cairngorm John (his call...


‘Indispensable to those who love the hills.The stories it contains are poignant and full of emotion’

The Inverness Courier

‘A fascinating account of a man of great humility and remarkable courage.’

Annie Brown, The Daily Record

‘Cairngorm John is a thoughtful book, not macho at all. It’s as much about love of the mountains as their dangers.’

Libby Purves, BBC Radio 4 Midweek

‘I had to put on several layers just to read this book. It makes Touching the Void seem like a pretty routine day on the hill.’

Iain Macwhirter, The Sunday Herald

‘Cairngorm John is a remarkable piece of work: succinct, moving, compassionate, gripping, technically detailed and yet broad enough in its appeal to hold the attention of general audiences’

Rennie MacOwen, The Scots Magazine

‘Cairngorm John portrays the human side of mountain rescue, clearly demonstrating the emotional roller coaster that's involved, as well as the camaraderie that exists within teams like Cairngorm Mountain Rescue. I wish every 'do-gooder' who insists on full-time professional mountain rescue teams would read the book and recognise that the main ingredients for a mountain rescuer are commitment, concern and enthusiasm. John Allen has all these in abundance. He also tells a very good story.’

Cameron McNeish, TGO Magazine

‘Stirring stories of life and death, played out against the wild beauty of the Cairngorms.’

Peter Gillman, co-author of The Wildest Dream

‘As an inside look at the work of a mountain rescue team – and, by example, of what to do to improve your odds of coming home in one piece – this is going to be on the shelves of everyone who heads regularly for the Scottish hills.’

Craig Weldon, author of The Weekend Fix

‘Allen’s book is an invaluable source.’

Ed Douglas, Climber Magazine

‘A story needing to be told, and one happily recounted with modesty, understanding and enthusiasm.’

Hamish Brown, Author of Hamish's Mountain Walk