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Blasted Things

Lesley Glaister

Blasted Things by Lesley Glaister

1920: Britain is trying to forget the Great War. Clementine, who nursed at the front and suffered her own losses, must bury the past and settle for a life of middle class respectability.

Then she meets Vincent, an opportunistic veteran whose damage goes much deeper than the painted tin mask he wears to face the world. Powerfully drawn together they enter a deadly relationship that careers towards a dark and haunting resolution.

RRP: £14.99
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781913207120
Publication Date: 07/05/2020
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Lesley Glaister
Lesley Glaister is a fiction writer, poet, playwright and teacher of writing. She has published fourteen adult novels, the first of a YA trilogy and numerous short stories. She received...


‘Glaister is a sensitive but unflinching writer who knows exactly how to beguile the reader into turning the pages.’

Hilary Mantel

‘Glaister is an experienced novelist, and this is a consummate and heart-wringing performance.’

The Sunday Times

‘A sensitive, unsettling tale of a post-First World War romance.’

The Independent

‘A sensitive and compelling drama.’

The Sunday Mirror

‘Combines psychological insight with an immersive sense of time and place. In short, she’s the perfect lockdown novelist so if you’ve yet to discover her, now’s the ideal time.’


‘Glaister’s novels always appear to be as effortless for her to write as they for us to read.’

The Times

‘Glaister has the uncomfortable knack of putting her finger on things we most fear, of exposing the darkness within.’

Independent on Sunday

‘Glaister’s sense of place and ear for dialogue are brilliantly convincing.’

Ruth Thomas

‘‘Blasted Things is a restrained, elegant, deeply compassionate novel.’

John Burnside

‘One of the most compelling novels I have read all year.’

Liz Jensen