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Anywhere's Better Than Here by Zöe Venditozzi

RRP: £8.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781908737069
Publication Date: 18/10/2012
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Anywhere's Better Than Here

Zöe Venditozzi

Laurie's life is going nowhere. She lives with a computer-obsessed boyfriend and has a meaningless job. The highlight of her week has become finding a new snack food on the supermarket shop. When Laurie meets an older, more mysterious man things veer suddenly out of control, and she needs a plan - fast. A book that will speak to anyone (everyone?) who has ever got suck in one of life's ruts, there are other ways to go . . .

Zöe Venditozzi

Zöe Venditozzi portrait

Zöe Venditozzi grew up in a small village in North East Fife. After graduating with an honours degree in English from the University of Glasgow, she worked in a variety of jobs including...

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‘Zoe Venditozzi has created such a resonant, authentic portrait of a young woman stuck in a rut that we can all imagine knowing someone just like her . . . When Laurie gets involved with an ex-soldier, the manner in which she gives in to her impulses, nervously but without over-thinking them, is also rendered sympathetically and believably.’
-Alastair Mabbot, The Herald

‘What a treat it is to come upon a first novel so accomplished and wise.’
-Barbara Gowdy, author of Falling Angels, The Romantic and Helpless.

‘This is Zöe Venditozzi s first novel, which is not obvious from reading it. The style is rather like Laura Marney - unpretentious and confident, modern and edgy. The tone is blackly funny with a kind of yearning romantic thread. The rather convoluted plot is competently propelled by her deft dialogues and credible characters, and of course, the suspense of the unsolved mystery . . . Deceptively light, the book still delivers real punches. I am looking forward to her second novel.’
-Cynthia Rogerson, Northwords Now