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An Uinneag don Iar

The Window to the West

Michael Klevenhaus

An Uinneag don Iar by Michael Klevenhaus

Theich Marie Schmidt à Berlin an Ear leis an nighinn òig aice, ach chaidh a duine is a mac fhàgail air taobh eile a’ bhalla. Cha robh fios aig Caitrìona gun robh bràthair aice mus do leugh i na seann litrichean a lorg i ann an taigh a màthar. Às dèidh nam bliadhnaichean uile, an urrainn dhi a lorg, agus dè eile a tha i a’ dol a dh’fhaighinn a-mach mu a teachlach?

Marie Schmidt escapes from East Berlin with her baby daughter just as the wall is going up, but her husband and son are left behind. Years later, Marie’s daughter finds a box of letters in her mother’s house and sets out to find the brother she never knew she had, but her investigations uncover some unpleasant truths about the compromises her mother was prepared to make with the Communist regime in exchange for a new life in the west.

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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910124864
Publication Date: 17/12/2015
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Michael Klevenhaus is an actor, author, musician and scholar based in Bonn. He is the founder of the Gaelic Academy in Bonn, the only educational institution in Germany to offer...