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An Taistealach

The Voyager

Iain Fionnlagh MacLeòid

An Taistealach by Iain Fionnlagh MacLeòid

The last survivor of a dying Earth is on a mission to find a new planet where the human race can start again. She implants herself with the embryos she has brought with her and begins a new life on what appears to be a hospitable planet, but she soon discovers that she isn’t alone. There are two warring tribes here, both with eerily human characteristics, and the Voyager and her children are in danger.

Is e an Taistealach an tè mu dheireadh às an t-saoghal aice, a’ siubhal tro thìm is farsaingeachd a’ lorg dachaigh ùr air planaid fhreagarrach. Tha e fa-near dhi clann a bhreith agus an cinneadh aice a thoirt air adhart, ach chan eil i na h-aonar. Tha creutairean eile an seo, dà threubh dhiubh, agus cunnart air gach taobh dhith.

RRP: £7.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910985991
Publication Date: 19/10/2017
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Iain Fionnlagh MacLeòid
Iain Fionnlagh MacLeòid is a playwright, screenwriter and novelist based on the Isle of Lewis. He is the author of five Gaelic novels. Iain’s stage plays include Somersaults for the...