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Along the Divide

Walking the Wild Spine of Scotland

Chris Townsend

Along the Divide by Chris Townsend

Winner of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild Award for Excellence: Outdoor Book 2019

Chris Townsend embarks on a 700-mile walk along the spine of Scotland, the line of high ground where fallen rain runs either west to the Atlantic or east to the North Sea. Walking before the Independence Referendum of 2014, and writing after the EU Referendum of 2016, he reflects on: nature and history, conservation and rewilding, land use and literature, and change in a time of limitless potential for both better and worse.

RRP: £9.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781912240227
Publication Date: 20/09/2018
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Chris Townsend
SHORTLISTED FOR TGO OUTDOOR PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR 2015Chris Townsend writes regularly for TGO Magazine and has written 22 books on the outdoors, including the award winning The Backpacker's Handbook...


‘700 miles of rough, untracked wildness where the waters flow west on one side and east on the other. In walking along the spine of Scotland he has discovered the country's heart.’

Cameron McNeish, author of There’s Always the Hills

‘Not simply a long-distance walker but a fine writer who can evoke both the physical and mental journeys such undertakings entail.’

Richard Else, author of Wainwright Revealed

‘Along the Divide treads that skilful line between serious, important landscape writing and a damned good tale that you can kick back and read for the pleasure of reading.’

Alex Roddie, TGO Magazine

‘Beautifully crafted prose with personal insights and amusing detail’

Outdoor Focus Magazine

‘There is a natural and captivating flow in his storytelling, while his palpable passion for his experiences transports readers into sharing his grueling journey.’

Scottish Field

‘A thoroughly enjoyable travel book.’

Paul Cheney

‘An absolute treat.’

Helen Todd, Walk Magazine


There's Something About Walking Blog