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Ninja Book Box: The Little Box of Big Feelings

We were delighted when the lovely folks at Ninja Book Box got in touch to say they'd like to design a book box around Angie Spoto's debut novel, The Grief Nurse. They're now crowdfunding the box, and are already well over halfway to their target. We asked Bex to write us a wee blog post about why she wanted to create a book box around this fantasy novel. Have a read, and head over to to support the project and order your box!

When I read The Grief Nurse I immediately knew it would be the perfect book to include in one of Ninja Book Box’s mental health self care boxes. The story is vivid and immersive and on its surface a beautiful fantasy novel, but dig a little bit deeper and the themes running through it are broad and deep. From the first, the idea of carrying our grief and how it would impact us to have it taken away really resonated with me. Grief can come in so many forms and so many of us are holding or trying to deal with grief and trauma in some way, especially since the pandemic. I wanted to create a space for us to use the book alongside other items, tools and resources to work through some of these big feelings, and create a community where it is safe to do that in a gentle way.

I have always processed my feelings using books. There are books I have read upwards of 30 times when I’m feeling sad, and I’ll just read until I feel better. In our day to day lives it can be hard to find time to really acknowledge and process the hard stuff, and mental health can often take a back seat to the pressures of jobs and houses and general adulting. Sometimes you just need somebody to give you permission to sit with your feelings and figure them out, and that’s what our Little Box of Big Feelings is designed to do.

-Bex, Ninja Book Box

Find out more about Ninja Book Box on their website

Angie Spoto

Angie Spoto