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Lipstick & Leather: A letter from the editor

As we celebrate the publication of Lipstick & Leather by Kim Hawes, we're delighted to have her editor, Kay Farrell, on the blog with a letter to readers. With its wild stories from life on tour with some incredible bands, this book has been such fun to work on - we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did!

Dear Reader,

If you’re anything like me you love hearing stories from behind the scenes of your favourite gigs, stories about the greatest rock legends and all the chaos they leave behind.

Kim Hawes spent years sleeping underneath Lemmy from Motorhead… on a tour bus. She feuded with the members of Black Sabbath, tripped mushrooms on stage with Hawkwind, faced down the Hells Angels, escalated band prank wars and snorted coke all over the world. She threw Madonna off her stage, turned down an invite from Nelson Mandela, and dealt with the aftermath of Chumbawamba drenching John Prescott. She carved out a place for women in a largely man’s world, taking no crap and no prisoners while getting results other tour managers only dreamed of. This memoir of the nitty gritty of life on the road – the fights, the dares, the smashed hotel rooms and even an encounter with a Soviet submarine – is full of fresh stories about the famous names you think you know.

Lipstick and Leather: On the road with the world’s most notorious rock stars is a must read for anyone who wants a fresh insight into life on the road.

Warm wishes,
Kay Farrell
Assistant Publisher

Kim Hawes

Kim Hawes