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Grief Nurse wanted

Happy book birthday day to Angie Spoto and her gorgeous debut, The Grief Nurse! This historical fantasy novel features spectacular world-building, plenty of gothic vibes, and a whodunnit plot to keep you guessing throughout. If that sounds like your cup of tea, you can find out more about the book here.

To celebrate publication, we asked the author to tell us a bit more about what the Aster family would be looking for in a Grief Nurse.

Wealthy Scottish family seeks live-in Grief Nurse to maintain Brightness.

Job title: Grief Nurse

Role Overview

As a grief nurse to a respected aristocratic family, you will be an essential member of the household staff, ensuring the estate is free from grief and negative emotions. You will be required to remove the grief of family members, ensuring the family is Bright at all times. Dread must be removed on a monthly basis. Heartache and Sorrow may be removed on as-needed basis.

You must not, under any circumstances, remove the grief of the household staff, including the upper servants. You may be required to attend social gatherings and will be at all times required to wear a white uniform, as dictated by the lady of the house.

LocationA private Scottish island – further details available upon application

Accommodation will be provided

Limited travel required alongside the family
Employment typeFull time, live-in
Core ResponsibilitiesAttend to the family’s grief in all its forms: Dread, Heartache and Sorrow

Attend family and social gatherings, acting as a status symbol and expression of the family’s power and wealth

Provide additional emotional support to family members
Essential Qualifications & ExperienceNo previous experience necessary but an innate proficiency in grief-taking required

Must exhibit an obedient and unobtrusive personality and willingness to be discrete in all situations

Ability to work with extreme emotions while maintaining calm demeanour

Familiarly with card games, music, drawing and other pastimes essential for immersion into the household

Find out more about the book and where to order your copy here.

Angie Spoto

Angie Spoto