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The Actuality: blog tour round-up

A huge thank you to all the wonderful bloggers who took part in our online tour celebrating the paperback publication of The Actuality by Paul Braddon. We knew the reviewers would love the book, but we couldn't be sure they'd love it quite this much!

The paperback is now available from all good bookshops, as well as online. If you'd prefer to pick up a copy of the (gorgeous!) hardback we currently have an offer running on our online shop, where you can buy a copy for only £7.99.

'All the separate elements combine perfectly to produce a story that keeps you teetering on the edge of your seat, rips out your heart, and sets you thinking at the same time.'
-@brownflopsy (full review here)

'I was entirely immersed into the story, totally invested at all times and completely hypnotised by the characters, especially Evie.'
-@owl.bee.reading (full review here)

'I love a good sci-fi dystopian novel and this book didn’t disappoint! It’s a fast-paced, easy read and at the same time really gripping.'
-@annawithabook (full review here)

'I loved this book for its truly catastrophic vision of the future'
-@booksinsteelcity (full review here)

'A very cleverly written book with some fantastic descriptions and I liked the world that Paul Braddon created.'
-@steph.reads_ (full review here)

'The Actuality is like its main character, a new breed. It’s evocative, bold, and clever.'
-@rousselmeggy (full review here)

'A powerful meditation on what it is to be human.'
-@ramblingmads (full review here)

Paul Braddon

Paul Braddon