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Veganuary with Abi & Lea: Nooch

Hi everyone! We’re Abi and Lea (or Lilith), a queer couple with a love of cycle touring, zines and vegan food. We’re back on the Sandstone blog today to offer support and suggestions to anyone attempting Veganuary. Let’s talk food!

For me, going vegan had a bunch of different dimensions. I was brought up vegetarian which put me at an advantage because most of my comfort food and the recipes I already knew could easily be adapted to make them vegan.

On the other hand, I was recovering from an eating disorder. I knew a change like this would be risky if my veganism felt restrictive, or became a new set of inflexible food rules.

The first steps I made were the easiest ones: I didn’t really drink milk, and I wasn’t a big cheese eater, so subbing out dairy wasn’t such an issue. I’d say I eat more ‘cheese’ now than I ever did before! It took a year or two before I started to pay attention to honey or beeswax, and animal derived ingredients in cosmetics.

Don’t be afraid to start slow if it means you can set yourself more obtainable goals.

Giving vegan a try – Nutritional Yeast (affectionately known as nooch)

These nutty, cheesy flakes can be found on the shelves of most high street health food stores and some supermarkets (often in the special buy section during January).

They feel pricey - normally around £3 a tub - but a little goes a long way. We use these for cheesy sauces when we don’t want to grate a load of expensive vegan cheese. Why not try it yourself?

Make a white sauce using vegan margarine or butter, flour and a milk substitute (we use soya or oat). Then where you’d normally add grated cheese for your macaroni, add a couple of tablespoons of nooch.

If it’s not quite cheesy enough for you, you can always grate some cheese over the top when you bake it in the oven for an extra cheesy boost.

We also sprinkle it like parmesan on pasta, and cut it through mashed potatoes. Delicious!


Abigail Melton and Lilith Cooper

Abigail Melton and Lilith Cooper