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Along the Amber Route: Kalisz

From Konin, I drove the 55 kilometres south to Kalisz. Regarded as the oldest town in Poland, it may be the Calisia listed in Ptolemy’s Geographia, which probably drew on reports of Roman merchants travelling the Amber Route. By the early Middle Ages, it was part of the Piast kingdom of Poland. The city’s Jewish community dated back to the 12th century; in 1264 Duke Bolesław the Pious drew up the Kalisz Statute, guaranteeing them protection and the right to administer their own internal affairs. The city changed hands many times. Like Konin, it was annexed by Prussia in 1793, and after 1815 became part of Russian-ruled Congress Poland.

From Along the Amber Route by C.J. Schüler

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C.J. Schüler

C.J. Schüler