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The Wolf in the Woods: Blog tour round-up

We've had a grand ol' time reading reviews from the blog tour during publication week for The Wolf in the Woods, so we thought we'd share a few of our favourite quotes with you.

'A surprising and uniquely different novel that I thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to Brotzel’s next foray into the world of fiction.' -MyBookishBlog

'This is an unusual and creative book about problems within a marriage set upon a backdrop of perceived menace; I enjoyed its outlandish style and the dark humour.' -Books.Tea.And.Me

'Dan has done a fantastic job of taking the everyday difficulties of any relationship and placed them in a bizarre setting. It's very clever and wonderful to read!' -BooksAndLovelyThings

'A dark and intriguing page turner about a crumbling marriage, addictions and secrets... one that I couldn’t stop thinking about long after reading!' -MrsJTea

'I loved all the little hooks that drew the reader into thinking lots of sinister happenings were afoot... An unusual dark read which I really enjoyed.' -C.isFor.Claire_Reads

Dan Brotzel

Dan Brotzel