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Pre-ordering: show authors some love!

In the run-up to publication of a new title, publishers and authors work hard to create that all-important ‘buzz’ around a title which can help determine the book’s success. As a reader, it may surprise you to know just how important pre-orders are to this process, and how they are one of the best forms of support you can offer that author you love.

Brick-and-mortar bookshops

Much has been written about how the number of books published every year continues to increase, so placing a pre-order demonstrates to the shop that there is interest in this book, which may encourage the bookseller to order more copies ahead of publication. An increase in ordered copies can ripple out to the trade more widely, encouraging more retailers to stock the title and build anticipation in the trade for this release.

It cannot be stressed enough how much bookseller support for a book can help it reach more readers. They are the champions of our industry and in critical contact with readers, even in these interesting times. Ordering through your local independent bookshop can bring attention to an upcoming book they may not have been aware of and even lead to events in your local area in happier times. Booksellers especially love to support local authors so if you know there is a book by someone in your area coming out, why not try to see if something can be worked out?

Buying online

Online, where algorithms reign supreme, searching for the book and author, clicking through and yes, placing that pre-order registers as interest in the book which in turn leads to additional online promotion. The more people who the algorithm can tell are interested already, the more people the website will show the book to, the higher it climbs in search results… Success leads to more success, more people getting a chance to find out about the book that has you excited, potentially creating more ambassadors for the book/author and spreading the word. is a great option for buying online if your favourite bookshop is currently closed.

We love libraries!

If you are an avid library user, consider requesting that your local branch pre-order the book in question for you. This is sometimes overlooked but is just as valuable as any other sale – and authors are paid for the loans their books receive. It’s another great way to help the book reach readers.

The Sandstone Shop (and how to get your hands on our books early)

And last but not least, if you order a Sandstone Press book through our online shop you’ll receive it up to 3 weeks before publication, ensuring you’ll be one of the first to get your hands on that title you’re coveting.

Pre-ordering is a huge help to publishers and authors in getting the message out that this book is something special, one to pay attention to and one to promote. So get out there are get ordering!

Kay Farrell
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