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The Wood That Built London: The Archbishop of Canterbury’s woods

Covering just two hectares on the southern slope of Beulah Hill, Stambourne Woodland Walk (Church Road, London SE19 2PY, TQ336701) is one of the lesser-known relics of the North Wood. A narrow strip of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s woods that survived by being incorporated into the gardens of Victorian villas, it was purchased from the Church Commissioners by Croydon Council in 1962, and opened as a linear park in 1984. The relict woodland is the classic North Wood mix of oak – mostly pedunculate, including one huge, 350-year-old specimen, with some sessile on the upper slopes – and hornbeam, interspersed with yew and holly.

From The Wood That Built London by C.J. Schüler

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C.J. Schüler

C.J. Schüler