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The Wood That Built London: Peck

The Peck flowed from the slopes of Oak of Honor Hill, through Peckham Rye (where a short stretch is still visible above ground), to Bermondsey, where it joined the Earl’s Sluice, which entered the Thames at Rotherhithe. The Effra was formed of two main branches, the Upper Norwood, which rose just below the summit of the ridge, where Crystal Palace Parade now meets Church Road, and the Lower Norwood, which emerged half a mile away in what is now Westow Park. Though the whole river has long since been channelled underground, the upper branch formed the boundary between the parishes of Lambeth and Camberwell, and the modern boroughs that succeeded them.

From The Wood That Built London by C.J. Schüler

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C.J. Schüler

C.J. Schüler