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The Wood That Built London: Honor Oak Wood

It is to the Flora Londinensis, however, that we owe the first detailed records of the indigenous botany of the North Wood. In addition to flowers such as wood anemone, enchanter’s nightshade and herb-Robert, which he found in woodland all around London, Curtis recorded nine species in Honor Oak Wood, four in and a round Dulwich Wood, and one in Norwood. On the clayey soil of Honor Oak, he observed three species of hypericum, or St John’s wort: H. androsaemum (tutsan), H. hirsutum and H. pulchrum. Hoary ragwort (Senecio erucifolius) was ‘no where more abundant than about the Oak of Honour Wood’, Lathyrus sylvestris grew there sparingly, while Stachys arvensis flourished in the surrounding cornfields.

From The Wood That Built London by C.J. Schüler

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C.J. Schüler

C.J. Schüler