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The Wood That Built London: Dulwich

Because its position in South East London placed it directly on the flight-path of bombers coming from across the Channel, the area suffered heavy damage during the Blitz of 1940–41. Between October 1940 and June 1941, high-explosive bombs fell on Dulwich Woods, Spa Hill, Beaulieu Heights and Long Lane Wood. In Biggin Wood – where a small brick air raid shelter had been built near the Covington Way entrance – a 100 lb bomb left a crater about fifteen feet across and a few feet deep. It was still visible in 2004, covered in bluebells and brambles. Some nineteen high-explosive bombs and countless incendiaries fell on Dulwich during the nine months of the Blitz.

From The Wood That Built London by C.J. Schüler

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C.J. Schüler

C.J. Schüler