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Chasing the Deer: A letter from the editor

Dear Reader,

I’m writing to introduce Chasing the Deer: The Red Deer through the Seasons by Neil McIntyre.

Neil comes from a family of deer stalkers and grew up surrounded by these magnificent creatures. Through long years of experience he learned their terrain and habits, and how to approach them – knowledge and skills learned from his deer stalker father, which he chooses to put to use as a photographer. His intimate knowledge of and long acquaintance with the red deer afford him a unique perspective and a deep love for this animal.

In modern times, with the deer’s natural predators long since gone from British shores, the red deer is often seen as a problem to be dealt with. As a threat to interests such as rewilding, they are often treated as pests. Neil argues that the red deer is worthy of a deeper respect, and plays an important role in the development of woods and forests which form their original habitat.

This collection of photographs and anecdotes is a beautifully designed object – and far more besides. It’s a plea from the heart for the future of an animal iconic to the Scottish Highlands but beloved throughout the world.

Warm wishes,

Kay Farrell

Assistant Publisher

Neil McIntyre

Neil McIntyre