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Short Story Advent Calendar 2020

December is here, which means it's time to crack into our Advent calendars! We've worked with Hotel Du Jack author Dan Brotzel to create the ultimate calendar for short story fans.

Just click here, or on the image below, and find today's date for your bitesize literary treat.

In the run up to Christmas, we'll be sharing flash fiction to read with your morning coffee, short stories to keep you chuckling (yep, chuckling) through your lunch break, and some excellent writing advice. In keeping with the traditional approach to Advent calendars, we have a particularly wonderful treat for you on the 24th!

We’re very strict about chocolate calendars (and this particular Sandstone elf has certainly never eaten all 24 chocolates in one go after a difficult incident with a certain online retailer), and we’re applying the same rules to this - you’ll be able to go back and catch up on days you missed, but you can’t skip ahead.

Please do check back every day, and if you love Dan's stories as much as we do, click the links below to find out more about him and to buy his short story collection.

Dan Brotzel

Dan Brotzel