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Sandstone Outdoors on Instagram!

As lots of you will already know, we love the outdoors at Sandstone Press. We publish a range of excellent nature writers, and many of these nature writers send us beautiful images from their travels.

We're already able to include some of these photos in our books, and newspapers and magazines use them alongside articles about new titles and exciting author news, but we wanted to do more with them, particularly as many of us are unfortunately having to spend more time indoors due to the pandemic.

We thought about including them as a regular feature in our newsletter (which you can sign up to here), and we thought about sharing them on Twitter, but in the end we decided that Instagram was the right home for these beautiful images. Rather than mixing our outdoor photos in with our bookish photos, we thought we'd be better to create a new Sandstone account - we don't want to spam readers who follow us for fiction recommendations with hiking snaps, regardless of how pretty they are!

You can find our new account at Sandstone.Outdoors for outdoor and nature photography by our authors and staff, or follow us on SandstonePress for all things bookish.