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Seeing as a particular online retailer is holding a major discount event at the moment, we thought we'd celebrate some of the brick-and-mortar indie bookshops the Sandstone team loves to visit across Scotland. We all have a soft spot for Picaresque in Dingwall, just down the road from the old Sandstone Press office, but we have plenty more recommendations if you're not in the area. Additionally, if you're unable to stop by at the moment, most of these bookshops make excellent reading recommendations on social media and are able to take orders online. Do visit their websites and have a browse!


The combination of books and coffee is such a winner and in Ullapool's The Ceilidh Place you can just take your newly purchased book through to the bar. The shelves are imaginatively curated and it is one of the few bookshops where I can find books I haven’t heard of but desperately need to read.


The Bookmark in Grantown-on-Spey is wonderfully eclectic and full of good things. It’s impossible to leave without buying three books at least one of which you’ve never heard of, but Marjory has persuaded you is essential reading.


The clean lines and quirky displays at the Nairn Bookshop always draw me in. I can never leave until I’ve studied every inch of every shelf!


Edinburgh's home to a number of brilliant bookshops, but if you're up for a bit of a walk (or a short drive!), The Portobello Bookshop is well worth a visit. It's a beautifully designed space featuring a wonderfully curated selection of books, and is staffed by a welcoming, knowledgeable and helpful team.


Topping and Co. St Andrews is bookselling at its finest. With a huge range of titles, a cosy wood-burning stove and rolling library ladders, this is an enchanting and welcoming bookshop where you can sit and peruse titles at your leisure, all while nursing a complimentary cup of tea and biscuits.


Sue's on annual leave at the moment, but we know she never misses a chance to visit Far from the Madding Crowd in Linlithgow!


With its friendly booksellers The Highland Bookshop is warm and welcoming store that has a wonderful and varied selection of books to lose yourself in - a real treasure trove.