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The Health of Strangers Thrillers

This week at Sandstone HQ we’re celebrating Lesley Kelly and her brilliant Health of Strangers series. On Thursday Lesley revealed the cover of her next book, Songs by Dead Girls, and review copies started arriving with book bloggers, bookshops and journalists. Songs by Dead Girls is out on April 19th, and we can’t wait for you to read it!

In the meantime, if you’re desperate for more of Lesley’s writing, you’re in luck. The first Health of Strangers short story, The Art of Not Being Dead, is out now as a free e-book (Yep, FREE! Don’t say we’re not good to you). Head to your favourite e-book store, whether you read on a Kindle, Kobo, tablet, or phone, and you'll be able to download the North Edinburgh Health Enforcement Team's latest adventure.

If you’re a crime fan, but are new to the series, the first book is currently only £1 on Kindle. Get it here, or head over to the Kindle Store to get it before the offer expires.

Lesley Kelly

Lesley Kelly