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Sandlands Blog Tour!

Rosy Thornton's short story collection, Sandlands, is finally here, and we're celebrating with a blog tour!

There's lots of great content, from interviews to extracts, so be sure to follow the tour on Twitter using #Sandlands.

Day 1: Random Things Through My Letterbox

Review and Q&A

'Sandlands is an apt title for this elegant collection of stories. Just as the sand slips around and is fragile and delicate, these stories slip from era to era and place to place.'

Day 2: My Reading Corner

Guest Blog

'As a writer, I’ve learned a thing or two about human vanity.'

Day 3: Being Anne...

Review and Q&A

'When a collection - and the individual stories within it - moves you as deeply as this did, you know you've come across something really rather special. Maybe you don't usually read short stories either. But please, try this collection. You might just love it as much as I did.'

Day 3: Saille Tales


'In Sandlands, that ‘other’ is often the tug of the past – past lives and loves, past tragedies – breaking through into the present in various unanticipated ways.'

Day 4: Jera's Jamboree


'By its nature, a short story shows only a brief, intense snatch out of the lives of its characters. The history of their pasts, their wider web of social interactions, their hopes and dreams and all their what-comes-next can only be hinted at, or suggested in broad strokes. For readers this leaves a wealth of space for interpretation and imagining – to fill in the blank spaces for themselves.'

Day 5: Patricia's Corner


'I've always written in snatched moments whenever and wherever I can. I’ve jotted down snatches of dialogue on the back of a shopping list at red traffic lights, climbed dripping from the bath to look for a pen, and rushed in from walking my spaniels to commit to paper, before I forget them, the ideas that came to me while I was out.'

Day 6: Linda's Book Bag

Q&A and review

'I wasn’t expecting the wonderful poetic quality of the writing. It put me in mind of Seamus Heaney at his very best. There’s a preternatural undercurrent that weaves its spell throughout so that I found the writing mesmerising.'

Day 7: The Owl on the Bookshelf

Exclusive extract: The Watcher of Souls

Rosy Thornton

Rosy Thornton