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Jorn Lier Horst wins Petrona Award for The Caveman

Author salutes ‘Golden Age of Scandinavian Crime Literature’

Norwegian crime writer Jorn Lier Horst has won the prestigious Petrona Award for the best Scandinavian Crime Novel of the Year, for his novel The Caveman, translated by Anne Bruce and published by Sandstone Press.

This was Jorn’s third time on the shortlist – Closed for Winter was nominated in 2013 and The Hunting Dogs in 2015. 46-year-old Jorn Lier Horst is a former Senior Investigating Officer at the Norwegian police force. He made his literary debut as a crime writer in 2004 and his William Wisting series of crime novels have been international bestsellers, having sold more than 500,000 copies in Scandinavia, UK, Germany, Netherlands and Thailand. A six-season William Wisting TV series will commence filming in 2017, as Horst partners with Cinenord and Good Company Films. Ole Sondegard of Good Company Films is the man behind both the British and Swedish version of Wallander, the Millennium trilogy and the Beck series.

The award was announced at a gala dinner at CrimeFest in Bristol on 21 May.

Sandstone MD Robert Davidson, collecting the award on Jorn’s behalf, read out a statement from the author:

‘I am unfortunately not able to be with you Bristol CrimeFest this year. After several visits, I've become fond of Bristol, whose festival is one of the best organised and friendliest that I attend. With that in mind, and before I mention the Petrona Award, I would like to send the warmest of greetings to my many friends and readers who will be present, with special thanks to Adrian Muller for holding the whole thing together so efficiently and with such enthusiasm. I promise to return.

This is the fourth Petrona Award and I feel highly honoured to follow Liza Marklund, Leif GW Persson, and Yrsa Sigurdirdottir. I am also very grateful to the jury for the trouble they have taken, for their expert knowledge and their commitment over the years. They pay great tribute to their late colleague, Maxine Clark, whose memory is perpetuated in this most suitable of ways.

Our present time will be referred to in future as the ‘Golden Age of Scandinavian Crime Literature’. Never before have so many Scandinavian authors written so many good crime novels, with a vitality and quality that not only attracts readers worldwide but also enhances the whole crime genre. In such a time it is especially an honour to receive The Petrona Award, particularly gratifying and a source of great pride. Thank you.’

Davidson added: 'This is yet another recognition of a very fine author. More than just a crime writer, Jorn Lier Horst is a novelist who has extended beyond his genre. I would like also to pay tribute to his translator, Anne Bruce. All of us at Sandstone Press are very proud to be the publishers of this great series.'

William Wisting novels by Jorn Lier Horst and published by Sandstone Press:

Dregs (2011)

Closed For Winter (2013)

The Hunting Dogs (2014)

The Caveman (2015)

Ordeal (2016)

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