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Fallow Blog Tour

Daniel Shand's debut thriller, Fallow, is released on the 17th of November! To celebrate, we have a blog tour running this week, packed with reviews, interviews and exclusive extracts from the novel. There's also a chance to win a free copy of the book! You can enter the giveaway via Goodreads.



Random Things Through My Letterbox, review:

'Fallow is compelling, convincing and incredibly accomplished. At times it is unflinchingly violent, yet there is a compassion and vulnerability woven into the madness. Chilling and powerful, Daniel Shand is a talented new author, certainly one to watch.'


The Book's the Thing, review and interview:

'Once I spotted the twist headed my way, I had to keep reading until I got to the end. I just had to know what exactly happened years ago, and how it would all end up in the present. This was a thrilling debut novel, and I’ll be watching for more from this author.'


Chapter in My Life, review:

'As a reader, I felt like a voyeur, gazing at the troubled relationship and journey of Paul and Michael. I almost had a sense that while reading it – I was watching it play out scene by scene in front of my eyes; I got a sense of Irvine Welsh (without as much swearing) in terms of a real “avant-garde” overview...'


Portobello Book Blog, author Q&A:

'You have these very definite ideas of what you think is good and worthwhile and interesting and you find–understandably—that no one else has combined those things in the exact fashion you want them combined. You have no choice but to make it yourself.'


Alison Williams Writing, review:

'The relationship between the brothers is skilfully drawn and believable and the little details added about the trials of their everyday existence add an authenticity to the narrative. Clever and compelling, there are shades of Iain Banks’ Wasp Factory here.'


Books From Dusk Til Dawn, review:

'If you want something that is totally different to current books on the market then this is it. The story is absolutely fascinating, mysterious and creeps around you so that you can’t escape until it ends.'


Published Moments, extract and review:

'A fantastic read and Shand has impressed me with his story telling skills...'


Too Full to Write, interview:

'There is much more to these two nefarious brothers than meets the eye...'

Daniel Shand

Daniel Shand