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Acclaim for Once a Crooked Man

Out on the 7th of January, Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum has already received the seal of approval from crime bloggers such as Crime Time, Crime Squad and Shots Magazine!

Crime Time:

'During David McCallum's long career as an actor, he appears to have been harbouring writerly ambitions, and Once a Crooked Man proves to be an ingenious if straightforward crime novel which moves at a considerable lick.' Also read the review about Josephine Tey: A Life by Jennifer Morag Henderson on Crime Time here.

Crime Squad:

'With short, sharp chapters ‘Once a Crooked Man’ is very filmic and reads as though it is already hot-footing itself to a TV or cinema screen near you! And that is no surprise given McCallum’s deep roots in the world of TV where an audience needs to be immediately captivated and there is no time for navel gazing. McCallum appears to have taken this mantra to heart as there is literally no time to catch your breath when you read ‘Once a Crooked Man’. From the beginning of his debut, McCallum dives straight in and introduces us to the Bruschetti’s and the way they do business. Carter Allinson is a man on the way up and wants out from his side-line of selling drugs on behalf of the Bruschetti’s – but they are having none of it. Instead, Allinson is forced in to a corner and under duress, becomes their finance guy. There is obviously no retiring for Carter, and much could be said the same for the Bruschetti’s who find it just as difficult to disentangle themselves from the monster business they have cultivated over the years, which lends a touch of irony to the proceedings to come.' Rating: 5/5

Read more of the review here, as well as a Q&A with David McCallum.

Shots Magazine

'Publication of this debut novel by actor David McCallum is a huge coup for Sandstone Press, and also a delight for readers of the chase thriller. It is filled with an electric array of protagonists and antagonists; for little is as it seems for our hero, Harry Murphy. In New York, struggling actor Murphy overhears a conversation from the mysterious Bruschetti crime family who are planning on closing the loop on some loose ends, with murder in mind. Murphy decides in a thespian turn, to warn the target, the mysterious Villiers of the intentions of the Bruschetti brothers, Enzo, Sal and Max; and as the Bard once said ‘thereby hangs a tale’, one that takes Harry Murphy across the Atlantic, with his warning, with his mission.'

Read more here.

David McCallum

David McCallum