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Christmas Gift Guide

Struggling to find the perfect present for the book-lover in your life? Look no further! With twelve different categories, there's sure to be something for everyone in this handy gift guide.

1. For Outdoor Lovers

The Ancient Pinewoods of Scotland, Clifton Bain. £24.99

‘A remarkable and important contribution to the natural history of Scotland.’ -Aubrey Mannin

The Round: In Bob Graham's Footsteps, Steve Chilton. £17.99

‘We found this book to be an informative and interesting read, and feel it will become a valuable historical addition to the small library of previously published books on fell running and endurance.’ -Kenny and Pauline Stuart

The Adventure Game, Keith Partridge. £24.99

‘A brilliant read as well as a beautiful object.’ -The Press and Journal

2. For Crime Lovers

Through Every Human Heart, Janice Brown. £8.99

‘Brown treads a fine line in mixing crime and comedy but her careful plotting means that one never overshadows the other.'

-Book Oxygen

The Caveman, Jorn Lier Horst. £8.99

'Up there with the best of the Nordic crime writers.’ -The Times

Dark Branches, Nik Frobenius. £8.99

‘Interesting novel - dark, unsettling and not least a little bit disturbing.’ -Col's Criminal Library

3. Page-Turners

The Fast Men, Tom McNab. £8.99

‘This is an engrossing look at theatrical life and the foot-racing phenomenon in the American West during the 1870s.’
-Publishers Weekly

The Cunning House, Richard Marggraf Turley. £8.99

‘A mesmeric thriller and a fascinating insight into a clandestine world that few of us know about.’
-The Financial Times

Truestory, Catherine Simpson. £8.99

The Herald's Books of 2015

‘Catherine Simpson's debut novel is moving but never mawkish, and ultimately hopeful,providing a sympathetic portrait of a family struggling with autism in straitened times. Sam's on-line interactions with a motley group of friends are laugh-out-loud funny, providing some memorable insights. ’ -Sunday Mirror

4. For Poetry Lovers

Beyond the Last Dragon: A Life of Edwin Morgan. James McGonigal. £11.99

Winner of The Saltire Research Book of the Year 2011

Miss Emily, Nuala O'Connor. £8.99

Shortlisted for the Eason Book Club Novel of the Year

‘This accomplished novel is deftly structured… a lyrical and thoroughly readable novel with a compelling storyline.’
-The Irish Times

The Seed Beneath the Snow: Remembering George Mackay Brown. Joanna Ramsey. £8.99

‘In several glowing, loving passages she honours art and artist alike.’ -The Herald

5. For Travel Lovers

Gathering Carrageen, Monica Connell. £8.99

'This is a book for the initiated and for those who plan on visiting the northwest of Ireland; as a tribute to that part of the world and its people it is a fine achievement and will act as a valuable companion.’ -Times Literary Supplement

The Rainforests of Britain and Ireland, Clifton Bain. £24.99

‘This book does a superb job in reminding us that we don’t need to look far for the magic of the rainforest - it’s right here on our doorstep!’ -Vanessa Collingridge

The Blind Man of Hoy, Red Szell. £8.99

‘An inspiring and engrossing tale of triumph over adversity.’ -The Bookseller

6. For Gaelic Readers

Cho Snog ’s a tha thu, Alison Lang. £7.99

Shortlisted for the Donald Meek Award

An Creanaiche, Ruairidh MacIlleathain. £7.99

Shortlisted for the Donald Meek Award

Tuath Air A’ Bhealach, Martin MacIntyre. £7.99

‘Bi glic, bi glic!’ -Sheinneadh Am Bridean

Glainne, Daibhidh Eyre

'An tèid a briseadh?'

7. For Biography Lovers

Ronnie Browne, That Guy Fae the Corries. £19.99

‘Likeable because its tone is conversational and confiding, and there are few Scots who have a life story like Ronnie Browne’s to confide.’
-The Scots Magazine

A Broken Hallelujah, Liel Leibovitz. £8.99

‘Leibovitz’s well-written, non gossipy book is a TREASURE and a must-have for all Cohen fans. ’-Val Hennessy

Josephine Tey: A Life, Jennifer Morag Henderson. £19.99

The Observer's Biographies of 2015

‘The life of one of the great golden age crime writers is granted a forensic examination.’ -The Independent

8. Books set in Scotland

The Tailor of Inverness, Matthew Zajac. £8.99

‘His father's recordings hid the truth. That is what makes this book compelling.’ -The Scotsman

A Petrol Scented Spring, Ajay Close. £8.99

‘A fascinating insight into one of the most compelling stories in the history of the women’s suffrage movement.’ -The Times

Daunderlust, Peter Ross. £8.99

‘Daunderlust is full of heart, delving into the farthest reaches of society and eking out what it means to be human in the process.’ -Big Issue

9. Family Sagas

The Marrying of Chani Kaufman, Eve Harris. £8.99

Long-listed for the Man Booker Prize

‘A lovely, very funny and touching account of a marriage in orthodox Jewry.’ -The Spectator

The Treacle Well, Moira Forsyth. £8.99

‘Moira Forsyth’s fourth novel is a captivating exploration into the inner workings of an ordinary, Scottish family and the consequences of a devastating tragedy.' -The Press & Journal

The Insect Rosary, Sarah Armstrong. £8.99

‘The Insect Rosary is a brave debut about sisterhood and the damage done to fragile minds when their truth is blatantly denied, within the context of a period of recent history which is still painfully contested.’

-Anne Goodwin

10. World Literature

The Shouting in the Dark, Elleke Boehmer. £8.99

'The story, as disturbing as it is enthralling, of a girl's struggle to emerge from under the dead weight of her father's oppression while at the same time searching for a secure footing in the moral chaos of South Africa of the apartheid era.’ -JM Coetzee

The Drum Tower, Farnoosh Moshiri. £8.99

‘Iranian-born novelist Moshiri combines Persian history, sexual politics, and ancient lore in this gripping saga about the dissolution of an aristocratic Iranian family on the eve of the 1979 revolution.’

-Publishers' Weekly

The Spice Box Letters, Eve Makis. £8.99

Shortlisted for the Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize

‘Vividly evocative of Cyprus and the horrors of the Armenian genocide . . . the writing is beautiful, engaging all the senses, and . . . there is plenty of warmth and humour to offset the traumatic episodes.’

-Isabelle Costello

11. Beautiful Books

18 Bookshops, Anne Scott. £11.99

‘It is possible that even the author's talented son, whose own backpages includes the towering The Whole Of The Moon, has written no finer love-song.’ -The Scotsman

Abraham and his Son, James Goodman. £16.99

‘Erudite, intellectually playful exploration of a prophet's readiness to sacrifice his son and how the story has been understood – and misunderstood – over three millennia by three religions. It could have been dull; it is far from it.’ -Scottish Review

Salinger's Letters, Nils Schou. £8.99

'The Danish author draws on his personal correspondence with Salinger to create a novel about depression and love.' -The Guardian

12. Something Dark

Blast Radius, R.L McKinney. £8.99

‘Tender and powerful, this is an extremely readable story about grief, redemption and courage. ’

-Sunday Mirror

The Harlequin, Nina Allan. £7.99

Winner of the 2015 Novella Award

‘The Harlequin had me hooked from the very first line and continues to shift and haunt long after reading.’

-Alison Moore

The Zoo, Jamie Mollart. £8.99

An Amazon Rising Star

'Delves into the polished, manipulative world of corporate advertising and the corruption and exploitation it glosses over, a world only those with no empathy can succeed in.' -Book Trust

Happy Holidays from Sandstone Press!