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Q&A with Nils Schou, author of Salinger's Letters

A preview from Nils Schou's interview with BookBrunch, about his upcoming novel, Salinger's Letters.

Q: Did you ever meet?
A: I met Mr Salinger (never Jerry) once, in New York in 1966, in a hotel restaurant, an early morning. He was with a fireman, a friend from the war. He ate cornflakes (and right up to today I eat cornflakes the same way). I gave him some papers from the Kierkegaard library; we didn't talk much. But he was a very charming man, and very beautiful - for me it was like meeting Elvis Presley.

Q: Have you used the correspondence in your novel?
A: I will never publish anything from the letters. I won't sell them, I won't let anyone read them (apart from my wife - I wanted to impress her). My book is a novel. I told him I'd do it one day; he didn't comment.

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Nils Schou

Nils Schou