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Mitch Miller

Mitch Miller is an illustrator, writer and editor of The Drouth magazine. Educated at the University of Edinburgh, Mitch has worked variously as a social researcher, educator, sign painter, sessional lecturer and film programmer (depending on what day of the week it is). In-between all this he has co-authored three books and has been widely published as an art and film critic on subjects ranging from early and amateur cinema, contemporary art and illustration and Scottish politics, and is an acknowledged expert on the history of travelling showpeople in Scotland (being from that background himself).

He ‘invented’ the illustrative style of the Dialectogram in 2009 and has since worked with residents, employees, users and visitors to a number of different spaces in Glasgow. Each dialectogram blends the memories and experiences of these participants with documentary and mytho-geographic techniques to illustrate forgotten and disappearing places in Glasgow. The image is drawn directly onto an A0 board which, after being scanned and produced as a high-quality digital print for the participants, is offered to appropriate public collections.

He has shown his work at Market Gallery, an Tobar, Somerset House, The People’s Palace, Mitchell Library, Glasgow Film Festival, The Lighthouse, New Glasgow Society, Sheffield International Documentary Festival, the Centre for Contemporary Arts and The Telfer Gallery. Along with Emma Lennox he co-authored and illustrated the experimental web-documentary Boswell in Space. Mitch is currently undertaking a practice-based PhD at Glasgow School of Art (on the subject of Dialectograms) and lives with his wife in the East End of Glasgow where many of his immediate family and relatives are quartered during the winter.

Books by this author

The Red Cockatoo by Mitch Miller