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Jenny Boyd

Jenny Boyd

As a young fashion model with Mick Fleetwood as her boyfriend and Beatle George Harrison as her brother-in-law, Jenny found herself immersed in the pop culture of the Swinging 60s. She moved to San Francisco for six months in 1967 where she inadvertently found herself at the centre of “Flower Power.”

On her return to England Jenny became the inspiration for Donovan’s famous song, “Jennifer Juniper.” She accompanied her sister and The Beatles to Maharishi’s ashram in India to study meditation. Despite being attuned to the spiritual bloom and innocence of the 60s, Jenny also experienced the turmoil and decadence of the 70s. Her two marriages to Mick Fleetwood, founder member of Fleetwood Mac, brought her to the forefront of the rock and roll world – constant touring coupled with fame, money, drugs and heartbreak.

Jenny later married drummer Ian Wallace that, after ten years, ended in divorce. Struggling in the dark to find and develop her own voice and identity, Jenny went to college, achieving a Masters in Counselling Psychology followed by a Ph.D. in Humanities. She wrote a book on musicians and the creative process called, ‘Musicians in Tune’, which was later retitled, ‘It’s Not Only Rock’n’Roll’. For the next twenty years Jenny worked in the addiction field, both in the States and the UK, as well as creating her own very successful company offering workshops in London, facilitated by therapists from the US, for people in need of help with recovery, relationship issues or just support.

Jenny is a writer and public speaker. She divides her time between London, where she lives with her husband, and Los Angeles with her family.