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James Thellusson

James Thellusson

James Thellusson has written for The Oldie and other magazines. He went to St Paul’s School, London and then York University. In both places, he could have tried much harder.

After a career in journalism and PR, he now blogs as his alter-ego Man in the Middle, a bemused Boomer struggling to balance the demands of family life and his own desire to spend his remaining years selfishly and recklessly. The spark for his book, School's Out, was lit when he found his old school reports in the attic during the first Covid lock down.

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'Sets himself low standards which he fails to achieve'

James Thellusson's School’s Out: truants, troublemakers and teachers’ pets is officially out this week. This anthology of some of the worst school reports of the last 200 years was rated...