White River by Jamie Whittle

White River: A journey up and down the River Findhorn

Jamie Whittle

RRP: £8.99

'A journey-book in the tradition of Basho's Narrow Road to a Far Province.' Robert Macfarlane

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First published in 2007, Jamie Whittle’s account of the River Findhorn and his journey to its source enthralled and inspired all who read it. Beautifully written, it places this famous river in a world context of ecology, economy and natural beauty. Sandstone Press is now proud to present a new production of this great book, one that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

‘White River is one of those rare environmental books that, more than a local travelogue, takes us on a journey into the soul of modern times.  Holding the lawyer’s scales of balance as he goes, Jamie recognises that the river meanders between two banks.  One is economic and practical.  The other is aesthetic and idealistic.  Without both we are undone, but with them – with this constantly shifting equilibrium – we can glide through the potential paradise that is our Earth.’ Alastair McIntosh, from his Foreword

CATEGORY: Travel, conservation


’White River is a passionate and astute piece of work. A journey-book in the tradition of Basho’s Narrow Road To A Far Province, mixing poetry, prose and meditation, White River follows the Findhorn from its sea-mouth to its source up in the Monadhliaths. Jamie Whittle is never blind to modernity’s grip on the river, but never deaf to the river’s old magic either.’

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ISBN: 9781908737236
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