The Ottoman Motel by Christopher Currie

The Ottoman Motel

Christopher Currie

RRP: £8.99

SHORT LISTED: Commonwealth Book Prize, 2012

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Welcome to Reception… Simon and his parents arrive in the small town of Reception and check in to the Ottoman Motel. Then, while Simon is asleep, his parents disappear. Are they lost? Has something terrible happened to them? Have they simply driven away and left him? All Simon knows is that he is alone in a strange town. And, as a desultory police investigation begins, he realises he is unsure who he can trust. The local police constable is kind; a B&B owner gives Simon a place to stay. The citizens of Reception have taken him in—but why does it seem as if no one is trying to find his parents?

The Ottoman Motel is not just an intriguing character-based mystery, but a moving study of fear and loss. With this assured and nuanced debut, Christopher Currie proves himself to be one of the brightest young novelists in Australia.


‘Vividly and engagingly written, THE OTTOMAN MOTEL speeds the reader through a plot full of suprising twists and turns. Small-town Australia at its most sinister.’

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ISBN: 9781908737199
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